You are invited to join us in reading the Bible all the way through to the last chapter!

We can do this! The list of daily readings consists of manageable portions of scripture from both the Old and New Testaments. Each month, the list of readings will be published in the Newsletter and on our website online. Printed copies will be available the first Sunday of the month as well as in the narthex. In our efforts to discover a manageable reading list, we found a similar challenge offered by Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago which can help guide our congregation as we begin this journey. On their website ( here ) you can find the assigned readings, a text for reflection and a brief devotion from a member of their pastoral staff. We are committed to enriching this experience by adding our reflections as well and look forward to incorporating them into the life of the church throughout 2022.

Why do this together? Well, if you’ve ever attempted to read the Bible from cover to cover, you know it is not an easy task. Most of us can breeze through the stories found in Genesis and the Gospels, but often we struggle when we’re knee deep in the pages of laws offered in Leviticus or wrestling with visions from the Prophets. By reading together as a community of faith, we can support one another by holding each other accountable. This challenge also is a way for our church family to go beyond Sunday morning by incorporating a new discipline into our everyday activities. It’s an opportunity for every member of our community to engage in the ministry of our church even if you were unable to attend worship that week. It’s a way for all of us, irrespective of age and stage of life, to interact as the body of Christ through the collective reading of God’s written Word. As God’s Spirit moves through our conversations, who knows what new opportunities for faith formation might result from our shared reading?