Thursday, April 19, 2018


UKirk at Ole Miss

UKirk, the Presbyterian college fellowship ministry at Ole Miss under the direction of Rev. Howard Dudley, gathers most Tuesdays during the academic year at 6:00 pm for supper and worship in its building directly behind the Lyric Theater at 302 South 11th Street. Additionally, it organizes for local and international mission trips and gathers frequently throughout the school year for fellowship. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome, encouraged and invited to attend our events.

For more information about UKirk, visit our Facebook page online at “UKirk at Ole Miss.”

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join us on sunday

April 15, 2018 + Third Sunday in Eastertide
8:30 am (communion) and 11:00 am
Rev. Ann H. Kelly preaching

April 22, 2018 + UKirk College Sunday
8:30 am (communion) and 11:00 am
Rev. Allison C. Wehrung preaching

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